Thank you for your interest and supporting Cynical Software. Below you will find the Frequently Asked Questions from our members.



  • Q. How to Purchase?
  • A. All Payments are taken through our store.
  • Q. What Payment methods do you accept?
  • A. We Accept: Credit/Debit Card (--Automatically-- you will receive email with product); Cashapp (--Manually--, Please wait until a MOD approves and sends you the code and product); and Bitcoin (--Automatically-- you will receive email with product).
  • Q. I have paid, now what?
  • A. Please Check your email for your automatic registration code, you will need this to login to the loader. Keep it safe. Please open a ticket and leave your Order ID and details of what you have purchased. An Admin will add you to the VIP section of the server where you can access the downloads to your product and register.
  • Q. How long to be added to VIP
  • A. Within 10 minutes.
  • Q. Can I get a refund?
  • A. As per our TOS all Sales are Final and not eligible for refund.

Helper F.A.Q.

  • Q. What Versions of Windows And what Model Of PC Does the Helper Support?
  • A. We Support ALL Versions of Windows 10 and All Models of PC.
  • Q. Are controllers supported?
  • A. Yes. We fully support controllers and you do not need the use of any programs, just plug it in and our menu will automatically recognise your controller.
  • Q. What if my HWID changes?
  • A. They never should, HWID is linked to your PC, if you are using a woofer always use it after you have logged in.
  • Q. Is this undetected?
  • A. Undetected since release.
  • Q. The helper has been down do you pause subscriptions?
  • A. For any unusual reason if the helper is down for any updates taking 6 hours or longer we will pause subscriptions.
  • Q. Is the helper streamproof
  • A. Yes. We are fully streamproof on the following programs:
    Twitch Sudio

Cleaner F.A.Q.

  • Q. What Is the Cleaner?
  • A. The Cleaner is a 1-click program that is run on your PC which clears all tracer files and permanently changes your PC HWID; everything is done so you don't have to! It has been designed to remove those pesky Shadow and Perma-bans you have been receiving after making a new account.
  • Q. What motherboards are not supported?
  • A. HP; Lenovo; some Dell (Alienware); Laptops; Apple Mac.
  • Q. Do I need to reinstall Windows?
  • A. No windows installation is needed. If you have used another woofer in the past, specifically Infinite or AA, then we highly recommend to reformat and reinstall Windows OS!
  • Q. How Do I run the Cleaner?
  • A. The Cleaner is available in the Downloads Section in the VIP Area of the discord. Once downloaded, we have a support section and even a video tutorial.
  • Q. After My cleaner subscription is over do I need to purchase again?
  • A. No. The cleaner is a permanent solution to removing that ban. Unless, of course, you get banned again then you will need to run it again.
  • Q. Will the cleaner remove a ban from my account?
  • A. No. Once and account is marked for ban or has been shadow banned there is nothing that can be done. The Cleaner will, however, prevent a shadow ban turning into a permanent ban.
  • Q. What Versions of Windows Does the Cleaner Support?
  • A. We Support ALL Versions of Windows 10.