Thank you for purchasing and supporting Cynical Software. Below you will find the instructions for your purchase, please navigate to the product section which is most relevant to you. If you have purchased either the Cynical Cleaner or the Cynical Helper you are now eligible to get VIP status in our discord server. To do this please open a support ticket and post proof of your purchase in the ticket, (a screenshot of the Order ID is perfect.) You will then be granted VIP, where you can find our most up-to-date information and statuses along with a VIP Customer chat for enhanced support.

You should also join our Telegram here: Cynical Telegram

 Loader Setup | Helper Instructions | Cleaner Instructions | Spoofer Instructions | Account Instructions | Quick Troubleshoot Guide

Cleaner and Helper Loader Setup

  1. Ensure you have the latest download from the downloads page
  2. Download the Required Files.
        Download DirectX from above link. Make a new folder anywhere (Desktop, Documents anywhere you wish) Open DirectX download and it will ask you where to extract. Choose the new folder you created and run the file called DXSETUP.exe inside the new folder.
3. Disable Secure boot and Fast Boot In BIOS.
    4. Disable all Anti-Virus, this includes both Windows Defender Real-time Protection and any third-party AV software.
      • Windows Settings > Threat & Virus Protection > Real-time Protection > OFF.
      • NOTE: If you don't use Group Policies or Windows Defender Control, you will have to turn of Real-time Protection OFF every PC Restart or every 12 hours.
    5. Login to the Helper with the key provided to you in your email.

    Cynical Helper Instructions

    1. Follow Cleaner and Helper Loader Setup Steps 1-5.
    • Make sure your anti virus is disabled as shown below:

      2. Choose the game of choice and click "Load"
    • Wait for the Screen "Please Open your Game Now" to show:

      3. Open game and wait for menu to show.

      For any problems during this process please check the Quick Troubleshoot Guide below.

    Cynical Cleaner Instructions

    NOTE: The Cleaner supports most gaming rig motherboards, with the exception of Alienware, Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Mac!
    NOTE: If you have used a previous spoofing software, you may be required to wipe your storage drives and reinstall the Windows OS.
    When to Use: The Cleaner should be used any time you receive an HWID ban. If you only get shadowbanned, you can opt out of the Full System Clean by selecting "No" to the "Would You Like To Run A Full System Clean" dialogue window and follow the prompts for a shadowban clean in the subsequent menu. However it is highly recommended to use the Full System Clean option.
    1. Follow Cleaner and Helper Loader Setup Steps 1-5.
    • Make sure your anti virus is disabled as shown below:

    • Click Load Cleaner.
      • For Permanent Bans (HWID Bans), Click "Yes" to the Dialogue Box.
      • For Shadow Bans, click "No" and go through steps 1,3, 4 (if Cold War installed), and 5.
    3. Restart your PC and log into the newly created user when you have run a Full System Clean.
    • Always use a fresh account to test the Cleaner.
    • You can buy fresh test/rage accounts and aged accounts from our store by clicking here.
    4. For shadow ban cleaning using steps 1,3,4, and 5, no restart is needed.

    Spoofer Instructions

    1. If you are currently HWID banned or would just like to protect your identity, you can use our Spoofer, no new user necessary!
    2. Open the Loader
    3. Click "Load" and select your game installation folders (if using for game) for first initialization of the Spoofer (you only have to do this once).
    4. Wait for the process to complete, you will know when you are presented with the main loader menu screen.

    Quick Troubleshooting Guide

    For Loader Not Opening:
    1. Ensure Real-time Protection (and applicable 3rd-Party AV software) and Secure/Fast Boot are OFF.
    2. Ensure Required Files are installed.
    For Loader Opening but then Crashing/Closing after key is entered:
    1. Ensure you have uninstalled any 3rd-party Anti-Cheat programs, these can interfere even when not in use, such as:
    • FaceIT Anti Cheat
    • Vanguard (Valorant)
    • Battle Eye (R6 Siege)
    • Easy Anti Cheat (Fortnite and more)
      Note: This error is caused by another game/anti-cheat program on your computer, if none of the above games are on your computer, check your installed program list for other games that could be conflicting.
    For Game/Loader Crashing on Injection
    1. Ensure there has not been an update, often updates can cause our system to crash, To check for an update:
      - Make sure you did not notice an update recently.
      - Check the status on the loader (this sometimes can be out of date depending if staff is sleeping etc).
      - Ask the community in the telegram chat if all is online and working.
    2. Restart PC and try again, sometimes error's can happen randomly, usually a quick fix is a restart of the PC.
    3. If still experiencing errors open a support ticket on the discord or use the contact section at the bottom of the website to get in contact with the support team.

    Account Instructions

    1. Thank you for your purchase, your account details were automatically emailed to you.
    2. Log into the App using the provided details, when you are hit with the Security Check:

      If your email ends in for example: follow these below steps:
    • Go to and input the email address you were given in the order details email.
    • Copy and paste the security code from the email to the App Security Check.

    • If your email does not end in for example: follow these below steps:
    • Choose security question as method of verification.
    • Enter security code provided with account details, Security code is the third piece of information for accounts.
    • If Security answer does not appear use "email verification" and login to this website: then choose the option "custom email" and then enter your email from your order to view the inbox like shown in this picture.

      Accounts are provided in the format {email:password:security answer} Example: {!:bhbuimznv}