Thank you for supporting Cynical Software, we are needing additional verification on this order before we can deliver it to you. Could you please send a photo of the card used for payment to Cynical. It should show the last 4 digits on the card and the name on the card matching the order.

Example Below:


Why do we need this?

This is a standard fraud prevention method we take for verifying customers. This will normally happen on your first-time payment with us or if the store has flagged the payment as suspicious. This helps us reduce fraud as it lets us know you are authorized to use the payment card and that you hold the physical payment card. 


This is not my first time paying why has my order been flagged?

It could be many reasons why your order has been flagged, some of the main ones are:

  • Using a VPN or proxy;
  • Name not matching the name on the payment card;
  • or billing details not matching the billing details on the payment card.

What happens after I send my verification?

We then upload the photo of the card onto our shop provider who deals with the payments, they will instantly send over your order and you can start using your product. If for whatever reason there is a charge-back on the payment this helps us win disputes with your bank provider and can have serious consequences as you have committed fraud which will be dealt with by your local law enforcement and bank. 

I would rather not do this? 

That's no problem please let a member of staff know and we will refund the payment card. 

How do I know my card details are secure and safe?

Cynical Software does not process or hold any payment card details or information, all Payment card details are done through "Stripe" a global company that deals with 90% of card transactions online.