Platinum WZ Account

Platinum WZ Account

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WZ Aged Account with at least 1 platinum gun. Instantly sent to your email.

Accounts do not come with full game.

Want to know what a skin/camoflage looks like in person? Want to see if its worth levelling up your account for them nice attachments? Say no more. CynicalSoftware's Account's are the perfect way to get your hands on your favourite skins and attachment's so you really know its worth the time and effort to earn them yourself for your own account!

By Purchasing you are agreeing to the following 

1. There are absolutely no refund's whatsoever, If you have any doubts please contact Admin or raise a ticket, Refunds are not given and are not supported by paypal or stripe please bear this in mind before purchase.

2. If you are experiencing any problems open a ticket or contact Admin.

3. Only purchase if you are mature and are authorised to place a payment.

4. CynicalSoftware does not make, generate or boost accounts. Accounts are purchased and resold and you are aware of this and are happy to proceed.

5. CynicalSoftware always encourages users and customers to level there own account and achieve skins/camos/attachments through the proper legit gameplay. You agree you are purchasing the account to only look at the skins/camoflages/attachments and any other in game items associated with levelled accounts so you can achieve them yourself.

6. CynicalSoftware is not responsible or liable for any way in which you use the account.